XLS Reporting in OpenERP


I have added my code which you can find here,


Extract it and read the help.txt file for further info. Good Luck !

What is it ?
I was looking for a native XLS report from OpenERP, which I could not find out. Instead of writing a new extension,

I thought of extending the existing Report engine. I completed the basic version of it.

How to get XLS report ?
You can go to Administration -> Low Level Objects -> Actions -> Report XML and choose a report, then change its type to XLS.

Now try accessing the report as you would do normally. It will through you XLS report.

This extension may not be stable yet, but can be used in development version.


  • No need to write new reports, It will just work with existing RML reports.
  • It can handle maximum of two levels of nested table in RML.
  • No external dependency except python-xlwt module.

How it Works ?

The new modified code adds a new type called xls and additional functions. When a report is invoked and the type is XLS, it will invoke rml2xls module, which will take care of converting the rml to xls and emit it. The rml2xls, depends on rml2html. The output html generated by rml2html is passed to a custom HTML parser. The HTML parser parses the necessary tags and writes into XLS file.

Where to Download ?

Once testing from our side gets over, I will share it with you.


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