Reportlab Tamil characters OpenERP


I have finished hacking Reportlab, Python for Tamil character support.

Now reportlab can cleanly render Tamil characters which means OpenERP with nice Tamil PDF reports.

Tamil Characters:

Some of character sets like Tamil or Hindhi can fall in two scenarios,

1) Substitution of original character with two or more glyphs.(க +ி = கி)

2) Re-adjustment of character glyphs. ( க ெ =கெ )

Note: Characters are mapped to respective glyphs (image representation of character ) for PDF rendering.


I tried to analyse reportlab for the mentioned two scenario and found nothing useful.

Hence I hacked the reportlab/pdfbase/ which is reponsible for mapping characters to glyphs.

I have added code which looks and perform,

1) Substitution

2) Re-adjustment

before rendering PDF.

Here is a sample PDF report from OpenERP,


I will soon share the changes as patch.


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  1. ஆமாச்சு
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 22:03:22

    நல்லபடியாவே வந்திருக்கு. நிரந்தரமான தீர்வு பற்றி சந்தோஷ் கூட விவாதியுங்கள். அவர் விக்கிபீடியா சந்திப்பின் போது இது பற்றி பேசியதாக தெரிவித்திருந்தார்.


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