OpenERP – Tally Migration


Tally is a popular accounting software.

Integrating OpenERP with Tally is of Vital importance when it comes to Indian market.

As a first big step towards it, We,, decided to write a module which can help migrating accounts from Tally to OpenERP.

Here I am going to discuss about our  new module.


  • Load Chart of account from Tally.
  • Optionally includes Opening Balance


1) Tally:

  •  Install the module which is available at
  •  Go to your tally (9.2+ Version):
  • choose F12 and set server type as Both.
  • Set port to 9000 ( or any available port )

2) OpenERP:

  • Navigate to Administration -> Customization -> Load Data from Tally and choose Get Accounts menu.
  • Give the IP address where Tally is exposed with port 9000. For eg,
  •  Check, Opening Balance option, If you need opening balance as well from Tally.
  •  Click the Proceed button.
  •  Fill the module name, author and other details in the next screen.
  •  Submit and download the resulting module to a location.
  •  Install the downloaded module .

Now you will see the all the accounts from tally be imported to OpenERP and populated in the Chart of Accounts.

Download link:

Demo Video link:


1) Currently this module is meant to work only with OpenERP V5. Soon, I will be upgrading it to V6.

2) It can be considered as alpha stage as the module needs rigorous testing.

Cheers 🙂


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